Basing on over a decade of our team experience, we have a perfect understanding of the technologies dynamic challenges. Focused on providing highest quality and innovation, Proxytech is the partner for highly sophisticated solutions individually tailored to specific customer needs. The service range includes technical design, engineering, implementation and maintenance.

Our close partnership with international suppliers of the most powerful brands in the industry leads to outstanding solutions for our customers.


We continuously invest in research and development to identify the market trends and to implement them into our projects, making superior quality and innovative solutions.


Strong professional skills and experience of company specialists, are the primary resources of Proxytech Company.


We strictly follow the project schedule and deadlines, compliance with all requirements of our clients to achieve reliable and high-quality results.


We provide our customers with creative solutions, designed to meet the highest expectations from modern trends.


We offering only those solutions, which will definitely improve our customer’s needs.





Proxytech is a professional audiovisual and telecommunications consultant, designer and systems integrator. We combine deep knowledge of industry standards with modern trends, creative and innovative vision to develop best-in-class solutions. Proxytech provides full range of services including systems design and planning, engineering, technical documentation, equipment supply and installation, automation and testing, training and support.

We are focused on the international market and worldwide projects integrating the state-of-the-art solutions from all over the world.


audiovisual design
and consulting

Proxytech provides expertise, design and consulting services to end-users, architects, exhibit designers and general contractors on commercial audio-visual and control systems, media distribution networks, and digital asset management solutions. Whether you are evaluating your next project, exploring technology applications, or developing functional designs for sophisticated systems, our multi-disciplinary group can help you discover innovative technical solutions. With over 10 years of experience, Proxytech has a proven track record on international projects of all sizes.

SOFTWARE development

and distribution

Proxytech develop custom software solutions for middle-market and enterprise customers across multiple industries. Our projects include: banking and finance, healthcare, retail, telecom, public sector. Ability to work with both detailed and conceptual project scope, strict budget limits, effective resource management, various software development methodologies ensuring smooth project flow and guarantee that the application runs as intended.

IT infrastructure


We create IT Infrastructure which is reliable, scalable, and can support the growing needs of the business. In order to create the IT Infrastructure for our clients we use only the best on market products and solutions. We provide end to end solution as far as IT Infrastructure Development is concerned from design, delivery, installation, implementation, management of infrastructure and further technical support.


Blackspace Corporate Control Center

Jakarta, Indonesia 2016

Proxytech created the unique control center environment, including the interior design and custom furniture for each zone, inspired by the futuristic architect and technology features, best in class multimedia solutions, lighting and acoustics, engineering and automation systems.


Multimedia systems include the bright and seamless 2K LED main screen by Leyard for high resolution content like GIS data and business analysis diagrams, unique digital globe, showing online cargo flights and vessels, corporate Polycom videoconferencing system and individual Arthur Holm interactive presentation displays for each seat allowing to participate in the distant collaboration. The AV switching and signals transmission part is based on reliable and flexible AMX Enova solutions. All the AV and engineering equipment (air conditioning, lighting, access control etc.) is integrated with AMX control system providing the unified graphical interface for signals routing, systems and sources monitoring, climate control and other features of the entire control center.


Regarding the software part, Proxytech has created and implemented the universal software platform, which intended to act as an "operating system" of control center - a versatile tool that provides visualization of various information flows on the displays, including the cartographic materials, combined with information layers, surveillance cameras, presentations, photo and video. Currently the further development of information system is in the progress. The target product will allow to aggregate the upper level data to support the decision making process for all kinds of corporate activities, forming integral indicators and present information in the form of business charts and infographics.


Creating the control center has allowed to consolidate the tools of strategic and operational management of the company's activities, interaction with the environment and to implement an efficient and convenient tool for the comprehensive decision making support.

Otkritye Arena stadium

Moscow, Russia 2014

The Otkritie Arena is the recently opened new home of Spartak Moscow. In its history, Spartak had never owned a proper stadium, using various stadiums around Moscow instead, and ultimately playing at Luzhniki Stadium. Initial plans went for a stadium with about 35,000 seats, but this was later revised upwards to 42,000 with an eye on the 2018 World Cup. The Otkritie Arena got subsequently confirmed as the second Moscow playing venue besides Luzhniki Stadium, beating Dynamo’s VTB Arena for the spot.


The stadium sports two Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision LED screens, reported to be the largest stadium screens in Russia. The two 172 sq.m. screens are placed at the opposite ends of stadium, at its northern and southern stands. The two 17.92m by 9.6m screens, which consist of Mitsubishi`s new Diamond Vision ODX8 LED screen modules. Each 16:9 aspect ratio screen offers a native resolution of 1600 by 960 pixels and brightness of 6,000 cd/sq.m. delivering high-quality images even in bright daylight condition.

Republic of Kazakhstan

pavilion at EXPO-2012

Yeosu, Korea 2012

The main task in building the pavilion of the Republic of Kazakhstan was not only to provide multi media equipment, but also end-to-end planning, from the appearance to user interface design. Work started in 2010 and resulted in a fully planned and built pavilion with all necessary equipment installed, scenarios developed and content created for all areas, including a film about Kazakhstan shot for the theatre.  It is important that all multimedia solutions were created taking into account potential future use of the majority of equipment at different facilities in Kazakhstan after the end of the exhibition.


The 774 sq.m. pavilion was divided into five interior and one façade (entrance) zones:

- Media façade;

- "Through time and space" corridor;

- Live theatre;

- "Astana 2017" interactive gallery;

- Streets of Kazakh cities;

- Gift shop.


Otkritye Arena stadium

Digital Signage system

Moscow, Russia 2014

A system to display announcements, videos, commercials, news, warnings and other content has been installed at the Otkrytie Arena Stedium, home of Spartak Moscof FC. The digital signage system covers all zones of the Otkritye Arena facility. Sharp FullHD displays installed in:

- main entry halls

- spaces under tribunes

- press-center

- main hall

- food court

- restaurant

- VIP lounges

- president lounge

Moscow Research and Practice Rehabilitation Center for Disabled with Cerebral Paralysis

Moscow, Russia 2014

Proxytech has created navigation system for Moscow Research and Practice Rehabilitation Center for Disabled with Cerebral Paralysis. System deployed on three interactive displays in key areas of the Center.


For visitors' convenience, all offices on the plan marked in different colors: green - medical, an orange - administrative and gray - recreation areas, reception and cafe.


Rehabilitation Center is located in two buildings, and the ease of finding the right office is particularly important for low-mobility customers. Therefore, navigation uses naming system adopted in the Center, and for the visitor it is easy to find the office using direction of a specialist.


Diagram shows two ways of finding the office - one shows the shortest path, and the other for visitors with limited mobility, i.e. without the use of stairs.


more projects

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Outstanding solutions are born from state-of-the-art equipment, technical know-how and passion. Our diverse team is full of passion for technology, creativity and experience. We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performance. To provide our customers with outstanding solutions our team constantly trained by the best international suppliers of the most respected brands.

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